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Simon Devine
Simon's Self-hypnotic beacon can help you overcome all sorts of problems.



If you want to give up smoking, get promoted or be a hit with the opposite sex, just change the mantra accordingly!

A Personal Invitation From Simon Devine

Dear Friend,

If you feel that you're not fulfilling all your hopes and dreams, or that you aren't truly in control of your own destiny - from matters of the heart to the workplace, then maybe I can help.

Comfort zones and negative vortexes hinder all of us occasionally - it's little wonder that we can feel overwhelmed and disconnected from the people who really matter in our lives - but it doesn't have to be that way.

In just six sessions, utilising unique, hypnotic techniques direct from The American Institute for Science, I will take you on a magical journey, helping you unlock your hidden, unlimited potential.

Don't delay. Liberate the unstoppable you……NOW!

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Simon's helped loads of people with all sorts of problems, from quitting fags to being fat. He's even helped people with money problems and turned a few into millionaires!

If you don't believe me, here's a few letters and quotes from satisfied customers!

Dear Bryn

Simon has really helped me sort my life out. I was honestly a complete mess before I met him. I'd just split with my husband who'd left me with the kids and huge financial debts. This caused me a lot of worry and I was soon smoking again. Everything was falling apart.

I came across Simon on your brilliant website and he proved a fantastic help.

I've given up smoking again, made lots of new friends and have now set up my own business. Simon's therapy has re-built my life and made me confident, happy and successful.

Thanks again

Amanda Carson

Amanda receiving treatment for her problems
Amanda receiving treatment for her problems.

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Amanda's letter is just one of loads, here's another.

Dear Bryn

I just wanted to say thanks for being Simon's agent (as well as representing loads of other great acts!)

I hadn't had a girlfriend for a while because of personal difficulties. I saw my doctor and even went on pills, but nothing helped. Then I saw your website and immediately contacted Simon Devine who cured me in just two weeks!

By the following week I'd met three women. I'm now engaged to be married - —not to all of them!!!!! and just wanted to say thanks.

All the best

Bill Davies.

Congratulations, Bill! Have a great day and a drink on me!

Now for a few quotes.

Simon helped me give up smoking. He's amazing!
JH. Treorchy.

I used to be fat and ugly but now I'm slim and do modeling work.
Jane, Cardiff.

Thanks Simon! I've just made a million with your help!
Mr.B, Bristol.

Why not try one of Simon's amazing therapy treatments yourself. His individual consultations CAN rebuild YOUR life and make you HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL, CONFIDENT, FEARLESS and RICH!

Book SIMON's special therapy session through the Bryn Williams Variety Stars Agency and get a generous 10% discount.

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Simon Devine - Simon's Self-hypnotic beacon can help you overcome all sorts of problems
You have the power!

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