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Simon Devine
Internationally renowned hypnotist.

"What ever you do don't look him in the eye!" is what one former victim said of international hypnotist and former psychologist Simon Devine. He literally does send people to sleep with his amazing stage act!

Watch him make his victims do right daft things, from thinking they're about to have a heart attack to doing a sexy strip-tease (and that's just the blokes!), this is one totally amazing, mind boggling act.

On a more serious side, Simon also has a private practice curing people with mental problems.

The 'doc', as we affectionately call him, lives in a big house in the Cotswolds with an outdoor pool, a flash car, and a tidy French wife. Some fellers have all the luck!

Please note, this act isn't included in my Buy One Act, Get Another One Half Price Special Offer.)

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Simon Devine, Internationally renowned hypnotist. Don't look him in the eyes!
"Don't look him in the eye!"

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