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Peter 'Clint' Nixon
Message from Peter 'Clint' Nixon.

Clint has always been one of my heroes, and to play him is an absolute pleasure and a real privilege.

Unlike a lot of other lookalikes, I'm actually a trained actor, and I am able to offer REAL characterisation in my Clint performances. In fact I am the only lookalike offering a true Clint Eastwood show. Most other lookalikes just stand around trying (some not very successfully) to look like him.

I believe in the 'method' style of acting and use this technique to prepare for my performances. Days before a show you can usually find me at my local gun club practicing my shooting. I also spend extra time lighting up cigars and copying his smoking style in the Spaghetti westerns. I should add that I don't actually smoke in real life.

I do all these activities to give myself a deeper understanding of Clint's character. It really helps improve my performance.

I'm also proud to say that I actually met the great man when I visited America.

I made the trip from San Francisco to Carmel where Clint lives, and spent a frustrating few days looking for him. The locals weren't very helpful, but I suspect they get a lot of fans pestering him and looking for autographs. I know they were just being protective, and I respect that, but I consider myself more than just a fan, I'm a fellow professional.

Days passed without much luck, until one lunch-time I got 'lucky' and saw him stepping out of a shop. Imagine his surprise when he saw me walking towards him, dressed like Dirty Harry, pointing my Magnum replica. One passer by gasped and ran off, but Clint kept his cool.

As I pointed my gun to his face (remember, it was just a replica), he still managed to look at me with that mean expression he so often pulls in his films. There was a silence for a few seconds until I said "Do you feel lucky, punk?" His face twitched in anticipation, but then turned to relief when I added, "Make my day!".

Clint was annoyed at first, which I can understand, but one should remember that he doesn't just play tough guys, he's also a talented comedian with a great sense of humour too. I like to think he has a good laugh over the incident nowadays.

Clint was quite friendly in the end and actually did make my day. He appreciated the fact that I had traveled all the way from Luton to meet him and gave me his autograph. He was also very impressed with my use of the method acting technique.

Meeting him really enhanced my knowledge of how he ticks, and I've been able to incorporate this into my act.

How many lookalikes can say that?


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